“The music can communicate in a very simple, direct way without explanation, but it is also open-ended enough that it can include layers of complexity. So I tend to take rhythmic inspiration from the early techno and house producers from Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Berlin, while I take my sonic and compositional inspiration from avant-garde composers like Eliane Radigue, James Tenney, and Charlemagne Palestine.”

Bandcamp / The Art of Production

DJ Marcelle

“The way I DJ, you can’t pigeonhole what style of music it is – it’s about freedom, and putting music in a different context. I think it makes it sound more interesting to layer it, too. I want to be ahead of the audience: I never want people to guess what’s next.”

Listen / Live at Nyege Nyege

RP Boo

“I’m going down like fucking Mozart, and Michael Jackson, to where you can’t do nothing but accept it. The only way you could not accept it is if you don’t have ears to hear, or if your a fucking mannequin, that’s it.”

Bandcamp / Interview with Jlin

Laaraji with Arji OceAnanda

“My intent is to suggest altered states, or to suggest deep transcendental meditation, or to suggest the flowing of energy like blood through the vessels, or to suggest the presence of a civilization that is celebrating and thriving.”

Live / NYT Feature

Colin Self

“Well, I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m curious all the time. I’m like, “This thing is cool. That thing is amazing. What’s that? What’s this? Let me try that!”

Stay With The Trouble (For Donna) / Artforum Interview


“My production develops everyday but it is pointless to talk about it. Listen to a track of mine of today and one of like a month ago and you can see the differences.”

Bandcamp / Mixmag Feature


“When I was teen going to DIY shows I’d mark the success of the show by how dirty my sneakers got and how much sweat from a stranger I was drenched in. I want a completely cathartic experience, it’s the quest for ultimate pleasure.”

Live at Radio Tempo Não Pára / Rave Down Babylon

Elori Saxl Quartet

“Fast interlocking woodwinds, vocals that sound chopped and screwed, slow beats that evoke 808 kicks and snares, spazzy strings, ping pong violin plucks, polyrhythmic octave strings, arpeggiator-like melodies, strings that ascend into huge key change drops, quarter note delayed vocals, slow syrupy beats, harmonics that sound like filter sweeps, and stuttering syncopated late night grooves–these pieces just have that club feel.”

The Blue of Distance / Soundcloud Interview

Deli Girls

“I think it’s also important not to be too ambiguous, and to choose a side, politically speaking. Neutrality kills.”

Bandcamp / Interview


“I learned to perform playing punk shows. The reason punk was appealing is you’re supposed to be confrontational. It’s fun too, of course, but it’s raw and visceral. So when I think of a successful performance, it’s coming from that perspective of going for the jugular.”

Bandcamp / Inverted Audio Mix

Baby Leo

“I want to be somewhere boundless. We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance. I am a part of that wave.”

Live at Nowadays / Juanita’s Mix

Æirrinn Ricks

“Weaving tapestries through artistic expression.”



“If I don’t listen to music, or discover new music every day I feel like there’s something wrong. I am constantly craving listening to music. This constant aim of discovering isn’t only about discovering new music but also discovering what it makes me feel. The constant aim of discovering sensations.”

Live at Bob & Shirley’s

G. Zifcak audio-visual installation

“The potentially assaultive sound and lighting systems in a club are powerful tools for making people feel their bodies in a way that can shift subjective identity. That can be taken to be politically symbolic, although my main attraction to perceptually intense works is more obviously about the immediate thrill of losing my subjective grip.”


Big Room Boogie

“It’s not even that complicated. The intention is to set the space where fellow music freaks can come up and lose their shit, no judgment zone, and music is the main, main, main, main focus. We’re gonna put so much light on music. Music is the ultimate focus. Just give people a space where they know they can have fun and enjoy music. It don’t even gotta be more complicated than that.”

Groovy Groovy / Slink

29 Speedway

“We’re trying to bring together club music and live music under one roof and create an unpredictable live environment. It’s loving wonky sound art for the sake of making new crazy, noisy stuff but maintaining the soulfulness…to connect.”

ListenBandcamp / Poncili Creación / Time Wharp / James K / Laser Days

False Peak

“In mountain climbing there are these peaks that appear to be the pinnacle of the mountain, but when you reach them you realize they aren’t actually what they seem. There's still more terrain to be traveled. That’s what we want — we think uncertainty is delicious.”

Listen / Listen / Listen

Hannah Baer

“Your gender is not something you experience only in isolation, but something that is reflected back to you by other people, that gender is what leaks out in the eyes of cis people clocking us in public bathrooms or our family members making assumptions about us, and the ways the leakage bounces back and ricochets and echoes — in dressing rooms and the lines at nightclubs, and at airport security and in the line at Walgreens when you look like a girl and you’re buying condoms and enemas — and then also that is held up or shone upon us by other queer people, by our trans sisters and siblings, by other gender variant friends and familiars.”

Therapy Was Never Secular / Male Fragility

DJ Voices in conversation with DJ Marcelle and RP Boo

“Energy and drama over genre.”

Live at Wrecked